Oct 22nd 2017

New experiences for puppies…Willow’s visit to Grounded!

We all know the excitement of getting a new puppy.  Training, playing, cuddling and loving them are essential in forming your new family members character.  But what are the things we are looking for from our four legged friend…

…a companion to walk with? a well trained dog? a social, well rounded friend?  It takes time to develop these qualities and if you are at work during most of the week, it is difficult to fit it all in.

Fun4Fido Dog Walking can help with this – I can do all the standard things you want and need from a dog walker:

  • Make sure they go out to the toilet
  • Clean up any mess
  • Give them a walk
  • Feed them and make sure their water bowl is full

But I can also focus on things specifically important to you…

  • Being walked in more adverse weather conditions (so you don’t have to drag them out of the house every time it rains!)
  • Taking them to dog friendly cafes etc, so you can enjoy their company for years to come
  • Ensuring they are walked along noisy roads so they are used to traffic and become desensitised as a result

We all want our dogs to be part of our lives and to enjoy their company as much as they do ours – nothing would make me happier than helping you achieve just that.

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"Jack has had a wonderful day with Linda, thoroughly worn out and now ready for a nap, thank you"