Sep 1st 2017

A ball is not enough for Jack…

This is Jack. He is a black lab that I walk frequently. Today Jack and I had some one on one time. He absolutely loves chasing after a ball and will spend hours running back and forth.

We went off for a good walk and then ended up at the park. He knows exactly what is coming when we stop there and looked like he had springs on his feet whilst he bounced around waiting for me to get the ball thrower ready!

After running around like a mad thing for a good 20 minutes, he came back with not only his ball, but a stick too – clearly for Jack, one item that requires throwing is simply not enough!

Typical Jack.


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"Linda is an amazing lady! When I was ill I needed someone to take out my dog for his walks as I was too ill to do this. Linda was straight round to help and my dog loves her! We now have another dog and they both go on a walk once a week with Linda now as they love it!"