Oct 17th 2017

My new friend Oscar

Meet Oscar my new friend.  He is a male Labernese and is full of energy.  I have introduced him to Amber and Rocky who are both enjoying his company very much.

Today we went to Spye Park for a run around.  All three dogs really enjoyed themselves.  Amber found a very large muddy puddle and had a good splash about, Rocky explored the woods and met the cows while Oscar chased after them because he loves playing with them so much!

I have spent some time building up my relationship with Oscar (being the newest member of the pack) and it has really paid off – he comes when I call him and often strolls along beside me waiting to see if I will throw a treat out for him to find.

Oscar is a great addition to the pack and keeps us on our toes (and paws!).


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"I contacted Linda yesterday as we needed someone to help out with our two dogs. She came over the very same morning and they went straight out with her today! Absolutely amazing!! Very very professional which is something I think a lot of other dog walkers lack. Paperwork all in order, punctual, polite and very confident with the dogs. Really really happy!!! X"