Frequently asked questions

Do I need to provide poo bags?
Absolutely not! That’s all on me. I will ensure all is clean and tidy should your dog feel the urge to go!

How many dogs can you walk in total on a group walk?
I am happy to take up to 4 dogs during a group walk – this gives ample of playmates for your furry fido’s whilst giving me the opportunity to cover all the fun games your dogs enjoy playing.

My dog is aggressive and pulls on the lead – will you still walk him?
Yes, absolutely. No dog is the same and I appreciate that – it can be a bit harder to find walkers willing to take your dog out should they be a little less social. As long as you provide me with the necessary muzzle and a good, strong lead – I am happy to take them out and about.

Why only term time and not during school holidays?
I would love to be able to cover school holidays but unfortunately, with my children being the ages they are at the moment, this isn’t possible for me. I do realise this means alternative arrangements will need to be made by you during this time – but I hope the reliable service I provide during school time and the bond I will make with your dogs will outweigh this inconvenience.

If it is pouring with rain, will you still walk my dog?
I am happy to walk your pooches during most weather. Rain, wind and snow does not bother me as long as it doesn’t bother your dog! If we have really atrocious weather or it gets incredibly hot – we may need to reconsider what is best for your dog. In that instance, don’t panic – I won’t abandon you – should you wish, I can still go around to your home and spend time with your dog and let them relieve themselves in the garden. Should your dog be part of a group walk set up – I would divide this time as best I can between each dog.

What happens if I cancel?
I understand at times there is a need to cancel. Providing I am given 24 hours’ notice, no charges will apply. Less than 24 hours you will be charged the full fee.

How do I pay?
If you are requiring a service regularly we can set up a monthly standing order. Alternatively, cheques or cash are acceptable.

Do you provide “one off” walks?
Yes, no problem at all – I would pop around prior to the walk to obtain a key and vital bits of information on your dog but you do not need to set up a regular day if you don’t wish. It will be entirely up to you if you wish me to retain your key for any future walks you may require.

"I contacted Linda yesterday as we needed someone to help out with our two dogs. She came over the very same morning and they went straight out with her today! Absolutely amazing!! Very very professional which is something I think a lot of other dog walkers lack. Paperwork all in order, punctual, polite and very confident with the dogs. Really really happy!!! X"