Mar 26th 2019

Time for an update!

Well it has been quite a while since I have been able to make an update to my blog and I must say things have been hectic (in a really wonderful way!).

I have been really lucky to take on several new clients who have kept me on my toes these last few months.  We have been doing lots of exploring of the surrounding countryside and found several new walks to take my regulars on keeping them excited and interested.

I also actively mix the groups up so my groups always have lots of friends to play with which is working really well.

The wet and windy weather has certainly been a challenge, with lots of car and towel washing but its been great watching the dogs running around happily and splashing in muddy puddles.

We did have a very sad time in September. Our beautiful golden retriever Amber, sadly passed away. She was beginning to experience joint issues which suddenly became so severe she could no longer walk. Coupled with a burst tummy ulcer we had to make the decision all owners dread and said goodbye to our girl. We were, and remain, heartbroken but we have welcomed Luna, a double doodle puppy, into our lives as we missed having a dog with us so much.

Luna has now taken up the mantle of assisting me with my group walks and puppy visits and is proving an absolute asset both to our furry friends and my family.

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"I feel happy in knowing that Daisy has had a good run during the day. So when I get home from work she is tired, happy and content - thank you Linda!"